Bee Friendly Insecticides and those to avoid

Bug killers are not all bad but lots are.  It all depends on how they work and how they are applied.

Organic sprays like Soft Soap and ones approved for organic growing like SB Plant Invigorator are free of nasty chemicals that stay on the plant.  They are contact based insecticides, they gum up the breathing holes of the insects they are sprayed on.

They are based on plant extracts, plant oils or other safe compounds and have to be sprayed directly on the to the pest that you are trying to control.  As such they will take more than one application over several days to remove all pests.

Because you have to spray they directly on to the pest insect you can also be sure that you are not killing any beneficial insects like bees and ladybirds by first checking they are not on the plant.  If you spray in the evening they are less likely to be around.

Sprays that promise prolonged protection after spraying are dangerous to bees and other beneficial insects.  The following pesticides (from by the Pesticide Action Network) contain neonicotinoids that are harmful to bees:

  • Westland Plant Rescue Bug Killer; active ingredient Thiamethoxam
  • Provado Vine Weevil Killer; active ingredient Thiacloprid
  • Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer; active ingredient Acetamiprid
  • Bug Clear Gun!; active ingredient Acetamiprid
  • Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Spray; active ingredient Thiacloprid
  • Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Ready to Use; active ingredient Thiacloprid
  • Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate; active ingredient Thiacloprid

If you have recently used any insecticides you may need to wait 6 weeks before introducing the predators we sell on this site.  Please contact us if you need help on this.

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