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A Must Have Guide to Leatherjackets


This destructive pest loves your lawn and can leave it in a real state.  Here's a guide to the different life stages and how and when to treat them with nematodes.


For most of the year the grubs live in the soil below the lawn.  During the cooler months (Nov-Mar) they dig deep into the soil and cannot be managed by nematode treatments.

The eggs are laid during August so September and October is the best time to treat your lawn.  Shop now.


The 'adult' insect emerges from the ground, a gangly clumsy Daddy Longlegs.  These strange creatures mostly emerge, mate, lay eggs and die all in one evening.
Interesting fact - the Crane Fly does not eat during this stage so does not even have a mouth!


Customers see the most damage to lawns from May when the grubs are moving back up through the soil and eating ferociously (and attracting lots of birds).  By this stage the grubs are big and tough and harder to treat with nematodes, in July/July
they pulpate before entering the adult phase above.

The damage caused by Leatherjackets, the dry/dead patches where the roots have been eaten and the dug up areas from birds and other creatures eating the grubs is similar to Chafer damage but the grubs look very different.  You can find out more about Chafer by Clicking Here