Battling Fuchsia Gall Mites? How to get rid of them naturally

How to identify and treat Fuchsia Gall Mites

Fuchsia gall mites are very difficult to spot, being only a quarter of a mm long.  The only way of knowing that you have Fuchsia gall mite is to identify the damage they do to the plant, this is usually on new growth where you will see swelling and distortion.

These gall mites are sap suckers and an infestation will, eventually, stop the plant from producing healthy leaves and flowers.

They spread and grow in numbers easily.  One female can produce over 100,000 children/grandchildren!  They can arrive and be spread via flying insects and on humans.

How to treat Fuchsia gall mites

Early detection is great but if you already have infested plants all is not lost.  If you have had problems in previous growing seasons then introduce predators early, from 10°C.  If you already have an infestation remove the worst areas before introducing predators.

Organic, pet safe Fuchsia Gall Mite treatment

Amblyseius Andersoni predatory mites feed on Fuchsia gall mites and are active at lover temperatures than the pest itself.  We sell easy to use slow release sachets that protect plants for 4-6 weeks at a time.  You can even buy a subscription so that you don't have to remember to reorder.

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