Safe, Effective, Chemical Free Slug Controls

Slugs eat leaves, stems and roots of plants, weakening them and often causing them to die.

You can tell if it's slugs and snails because they leave slimy trails over plants and soil.  Slugs and snails are particularly devastating to seedlings and cuttings. They leave their own individual scent trails so they can find their way home. There are other creatures (like caterpillars) who make big holes in leaves, but don't leave a trail.

Slugs come in many shapes and sizes and are commonplace around the garden, particularly in damp conditions.

Infestations are less serious in dry weather but tend to become a problem during prolonged rainy weather. An individual grey field slug has the potential to produce 90,000 grandchildren and has approximately 27,000 teeth!

They live underground during the day, emerging at night to feed. In fact 95% of slugs remain underground all the time.  One cubic metre of garden will on average contain up to 200 slugs.

So how can you reduce slug numbers in your garden?

There are many slug control treatments and contraptions on the market, some are child, pet & wildlife safe and others aren't.  Some are also far more effective than others.  

We sell nematodes for specific garden pests and they do not affect anything else.  By applying nematodes to you are garden you are boosting a population that is already there without upsetting the delicate ecosystem.  Slug nematodes are very effective with some gardeners going from large scale problems to hardly ever seeing a slug!

What about snails?

The species of nematode that kills slugs works on the slugs underground so does not have the ability to kill snails.  Slugs and snails are seen to avoid areas treated with Nemaslug nematodes so they can be used as a natural deterrent to keep snails numbers down in your garden.  To offer extra protection to delicate, precious or susceptible plants we now also stock 100% copper rings to protect individual plants or pots.