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Having plants and growing things can be hugely rewarding.  Growing something from a seed or cutting.  Growing your own food or saving something from the brink is so satisfying.  But what happens when an outside influence comes along to disrupt your journey?

Pests can damage plants, destroy crops and decimate your precious plant babies.  Whether it be spider mites or mealybug on your houseplants or slug eating you dahlias, its devastating when all you nurturing goes to waste.

We sell bugs that eat the bugs you don't want on your plants

At Ladybird Plantcare we believe that the long term goal should be to understand and work with our natural environment rather than introducing chemical pesticides and poisons which may have unintended consequences.  

Keeping plant pests under control in a planet friendly way is no easy feat but the old way of working is a threat to our native bird and bee population and we need to do something different.

Biological pest control is all about introducing natural predators and parasites to control garden pests. In a natural ecosystem nearly every creature is food for something else and biological pest control is the act of boosting the population of a pest’s naturally occurring predators. 

Tessa Cobley

I'm the owner, Tessa and I am passionate about helping you prevent and treat pests and also optimise the controls that you use.  If you are not sure what to use, need help with how best to use any of the controls I am just an email or phone call away.  Contact us...

Here's what people have been saying about us recently

"Some people deserve a good review and this is a firm that definitely does. I've used their Nematodes to rid my garden of a bad invasion of Weevils. They deliver on time, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and those little nematodes have done their job very effectively without harm to nature."

"Very quick delivery Great service"

"Great service I recommend them and will definitely be using the service again"

"No problems with order and delivery. Results so far are good, bugs are disappearing, excellent!"

"An amazing company and amazing products always work and very good value for money"

I would love to hear how you have got on too, do you have a success story to share?  Please get in touch -