InsectoNet Plastic Free
InsectoNet Plastic Free
InsectoNet Plastic Free
InsectoNet Plastic Free
InsectoNet Plastic Free
InsectoNet Plastic Free

InsectoNet Plastic Free Netting

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Finally, you can net off your fruits and veg in an eco-friendly way that doesn't generate harmful plastic waste.

Plastic-free, biodegradable insect netting. Made from plants, not petroleum.

Looks like plastic, feels like plastic, but is not plastic.

Protect your fruit and vegetables from common garden pests such as flies, butterflies and birds. The fine mesh ensures protection against even the smaller pests whilst allowing a high amount of light penetration to ensure good growth.

Shipped in recyclable packaging. InsectoNet comes as a single piece of fabric 2.1 by 5.0 metres in size that can easily be cut to size. The high quality fabric means it won't fray on the edges when cut. It lasts at least 3 years.

Use from planting until harvest, approximately April - September.

Do not use during flowering period for plants which require pollination.

Flies, butterflies and moths are often attracted to fruit and vegetable plants to lay eggs which hatch into devastating pests. If adults are kept away from plants, they cannot lay eggs. Using a fine net prevents egg laying and therefore the need to control feeding pests.

The 0.85mm fine mesh provides excellent protection against many pests including;

Cabbage Root Fly

Carrot Root Fly

Onion Fly

Cabbage White Butterfly

Pea Moth

Leek Moth




Leaf Miners

Many common aphid species

Finally, you can effectively net your fruit and vegetables without plastic! Biodegradable, this netting is revolutionary. It looks and feels just like a plastic net, but is made from plants.

And as an added bonus you can use it as a plastic free frost fleece!  It will protect from a light frost down to 2°C