SB Plant Invigorator & natural pesticide-SB Plant
SB Plant Invigorator & natural pesticide-SB Plant

SB Plant Invigorator & natural pesticide

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This is a great product for protecting your plants from a range of bugs and pests.

We sell it in 2 sizes, 250ml and 500ml concentrate.

This is effectively an environmentally friendly pesticide made from natural ingredients which is totally biodegradable. It has a three-way benefits. It controls mildew and other fungal infections. It acts as a foliar feed to strengthen plant growth. It attacks a wide variety of insects on contact, simply by gumming up their wings and breathing tubes.

The 250ml bottle goes a long way - it will dilute 10 to 1 to make up 25 litres of solution. 

Use SBI to control and reduce aphids, blackfly, red spider mite, scale insects and mealybug. Try to use it almost every other week and wet the plant thoroughly including the undersides of leaves where the aphids and crawlers like to lurk. Repeat applications are necessary because it works by "suffocating" the smaller insects and there will always be the danger of more hatching out or flying in to replace them. You can even "dunk" small plants upside-down in SBI if the aphids are hiding in the flower buds.

NB - due to the way this product is made it is not 100% organic and therefore not certified as organic.  This does not mean that it is not safe and it is made from natural ingredients.