Highly refined soap made from natural oils which acts as a contact insecticide with no residual effects once it has dried.

Sold in 250ml bottles, all our prices include P&P.

Ideal to use before the introduction of biological controls, perhaps while waiting for the residue of previous chemical sprays to dissipate. 
Soft Soap Concentrate reduces population and the breeding capabilities of AphidsWhitefliesRed Spider MitesThripsMealybug and Scale . 
Soft soap works by plugging up the breathing holes in the insects body, and also by sticking their wings and moving parts together. It is not a poison, so can be safely used on edible crops.

Instructions for use

The pure liquid soap can be applied with a sponge or with a simple bottle spray. A 250ml bottle dilutes to up to 12.5 litres of solution.

If the infection is limited to a few plants you can carefully wash each leaf with dilute soap. For larger infections use a dilute spray of this pure soap to get into shoots and flowers. However keep the solution very dilute to avoid cell damage. 

Warning: There are certain plants which can be damaged by Soft Soap - these include Fuchsia, ferns and bedding plants in bloom. Test a one or two leaves first if you are in doubt. And use the correct dilution - one part liquid to 30 parts water for strong leaves such as bays and camellias, but one part liquid to 50 parts of water for softer leaves such as peppers