How to apply nematodes - everything you need to know

Here's your step by step guide for applying nematodes

How to apply nematodes



Order you nematodes around a week before you plan to use them.  They are a perishable product so you don't want them too far in advance or they will be out of date by the time you come to use them.  For information on when you can apply different types go here.


As soon as they arrive note the date they need to be used by (found on the seal) and pop them in the fridge.   Have a good read of the instructions on the inside of the cardboard sleeve.

Planning when to apply

Pick a day that you have a bit of time, for houseplants they day that you would normally water.  For the garden either pick a damp or dull day to save you time watering after application.

On the day of application

Get your nematodes out of the fridge a few hours before you are going to use them to give them a chance to warm up to room temperature.  The same goes for the water you will use the mix them up, it's best if it's not freezing cold.

Re read the instruction and follow the dilution rates carefully.  Nematodes are heavier than water, you will need to keep siring the mixture as you go.

Use the entire pack in one go.  If you have too much then either go over the area you are most concerned about again or treat adjacent areas/plants.

The mixed up solution cannot be stored, the nematodes will drown if they are left in water.

Following application

As per the instructions, you need to keep the treated area damp.  For a foliar treatment this may mean misting a few hours later.  For open ground and pots this will mean not letting the area dry out.  Your pack will guide you on this.


If you have any questions at all please get in touch, we want you to get it right and for the product to work so we only too happy to help.


Using nematodes for fungus gnats?  There's additional instructions here