A great All Rounder

A Great All Rounder

SB Plant Invigorator

With the weather turning ever colder, we are discovering all sorts of unwanted pest in our homes and glasshouses taking advantage of the warmth.

Your first defence is our best all rounder product
- SB Plant Invigorator, it has a three-way benefits

It controls mildew and other fungal infections. It acts as a foliar feed to strengthen plant growth, improving plant health and growth rate by gently and naturally speeding up the plants metabolic action and promotes pest resistance.

It attacks a wide variety of insects on contact, simply by gumming up their wings and breathing tubes.

If you catch pests before they take hold you can rid the plant of the problem before having to take further action.

SB Plant Invigorator - A Must Have Tool

Keeping plants clean and keeping a close eye on any changes is also important. Dust blocks pores and makes it harder for plants to conduct photosynthesis which is the metabolic process that keeps them alive.

Dust build up on leaves limits the amount of light leaves receive. In winter, when there is less natural light, this poses a bigger problem.

TOP TIP:A damp cloth dipped in the solution is an easy way to remove dust, mildew or honeydew from leaves.

Use SB Plant Invigorator to control and reduce aphids, blackfly, red spider mite, scale insects and mealybug.

Mix with water in a spray bottle and use it and wet the plant thoroughly including the undersides of leaves. Repeat applications are necessary as it works by "suffocating" the smaller insects and there will always be the danger of more hatching out or flying in to replace them.

You can even "dunk" small plants upside-down in SB solution if the aphids are hiding in the flower buds