Plant Pest Control - June

Pests thrive in June...

Does it feel like you're finding more pests every single day?  It's not anything you're doing wrong, in fact your vigilance is brilliant.  June brings lots of light and warmth, it is also a time when various life stages of pests are present.

Those of you on slug and snail patrol of an evening may be spotting adult Vine Weevils, here's how to spot and treat them.

Thrips are having a lovely time amongst houseplant collections (they can be a problem in the garden too), this is how you can tell if you have them and what to do.

Aphids are still problematic in containers and borders but now is the time to check your trees, especially fruit trees.  If you find wooly aphid, check out this advice.  For all other types of aphid, here are the controls.  

Slugs will come back if you do not keep up your Nemaslug treatments every 6 weeks, why not subscribe and save 5% on every order.

Whitefly numbers are on the rise, they make a sticky mess and can weaken plants.  Heres how to spot and treat them.

Finally, look out for caterpillars.  They have a huge appetite, folded and webbed over leaves may contain caterpillars.  Remove them by hand and use Fruit & Veg nematodes to control them.