How to get rid of woolly aphids on your plants

How to get rid of woolly aphids

What's a woolly aphid?

They are a type of aphid (sap sucking insect) that are differentiated by other species by the waxy woolly coating on they backs.  They look like fluffy masses.

What plants do woolly aphids attack and what damage do they do?
Mostly commonly they go for apply trees and some evergreen shrubs.  They suck the sap from trunks and branches and can cause fungal diseases.
Can predators be used for woolly aphids?
Unfortunately there aren't any predators that can get past the waxy coating on the woolly aphid waxy outer layer.
How can you get rid of woolly aphids then?
I do have 2 products you can use, you can use the Horticultural soap or SB Plant Invigorator applied at two applications 2 days apart with the first application stripping down the waxy protective layer and the second targeting the pest directly. The time interval of 2 days apart is important as any longer than this and the wax has a chance to replenish.
A healthy plant is less susceptible to pests
Woolly aphids do not pose a threat to a healthy tree or shrub, make sure that the plant is well fed and watered, that it's in the right position and there is nothing else causing it stress and it should survive a few of these furry critters!
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