Preventing Thrips and Spider Mites in your Houseplant Collection

Sometimes it's not always possible to check your plants each week for pests

Thrips and spider mites love houseplants and it's best to catch them early if you want to succeed in getting rid of them.  They hang out on your plants because you provide lots of warmth and light for them, which are conditions pest thrive in.

Especially when you have a large collection, but even if you only have a couple of plants, there isn't always the time to check for first signs of the little critters. 

If you have signs of pest damage or just want to find out what to look for, have a look here.

Thrips and spider mire are difficult to get rid of with chemical sprays and most of us don't really want to spray poison around our homes.

How to prevent your plants from thrips and spider mite infestations

Preventing Thrips naturally

Slow release sachets are the safe, eco friendly, effective and hassle free to keep your plants from pest infestation.

Slow release sachets protect for around 6 weeks.  They contain a breeding colony of mites that crawl out of a hole on the back of the sachet over the active period.  They work slowly so are not so good at clearing up an infestation but are great at keeping pests at bay.  Find out more here.

You can use them both at the same time too, so you can control thrips and spider mites at the same time.

What customers say about slow release sachets


"Wish I'd found out about these sooner as had to battle the worst thrips infestation and have used every method imaginable but none have been as effective as these guys! Absolutely elated, wish this was more well known than useless sprays." 


Definitely works for me, have been using this product for sometime now and (touch wood) no recurrence.

Save on Thrips and Spider Mite controls

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