Orius Thrips Killer-Thrip
Orius Thrips Killer-Thrip

Orius Thrips Killer

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Orius laevigatus is the final frontier for fighting a Thrips infestation.  We sell a mixture of 500 adults and nymphs to attack all stages of Thrips, one of the only biological control agents that is able to kill adult thrips.

Orius bugs will also feed on aphids, mites, whiteflies and moth eggs.

Orius laevigatus performs well on the majority of crops, particularly those with pollen producing flowers.  

Products must be ordered by Monday 10am for Wednesday despatch, get in touch if you would like a different despatch day.

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Commonly known as the insidious flower bug, Orius is a species of minute pirate bug. It has a long history of providing effective and reliable thrips control in a range of protected crops, often killing far more thrips than they need to reach maturity.

Adults will attack all stages of thrips on plants, whilst nymphs prefer the larvae.  They can kill up to 80 adult thrips per day (while only feeding on a few).

How they work

Thrips tend to hide away and the Orius will seek them out in these places, this can mean that they are not easily found. They are also a very effective predator of thrips eating 35 a day, this means that they can very quickly exhaust their food source and will seek other prey, sometimes other pests on the plant but if not they will move.

They prefer higher humidity and this will also affect how long they survive of course and if they stay around if thrips numbers decline. If humidity is high then they will breed, eggs are often laid inside shoots, the Orius will also go into flowers and buds.

Application rate - 1 bug per sqm

Apply in cool morning or evening. Avoid application in bright sunlight.  Open bottle keeping it horizontal to ensure bugs stay well mixed in carrier.  Distribute contents evenly onto leaves throughout crop, by gently shaking and rotating the bottle.

I have so many plants at home and never had any issues in the past. I recently had a thrips infection and had no idea what to do. The customer service was excellent, I asked so many questions via email to figure out the best way to deal with my problem and got a call from the shop. I order the orius and they worked wonders, I am so happy with this purchase, I would definitely use this shop again! Gaelle, Dec 2020