Earwig Shelters (x4)

Earwig Shelters (x4)

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Support beneficial insects such as earwigs in your garden by providing them with shelters. Easy access to shelter encourages them to stay in the fruit tree or bush where they will hunt and eat aphid (greenfly and blackfly).

Earwigs can cause problems when it comes to eating the precious petals of your prize Dahlias so encourage them to another area of your garden with these shelters.  Or place the shelters amongst the dahlias and move the earwigs along.

The problem: Greenfly and blackfly (aphids) are one of the biggest problems in fruit trees and many other plants. When feeding they damage leaves, new shoots and fruit leaving honeydew deposits. Encouraging natural predators to stay by offering shelters will help keep greenfly and blackfly under control.

The product: Earwig shelters create a home for earwigs through the summer and help protect them through winter. It encourages these natural predators to stay in the fruit tree where they are needed.

  • Encourage earwigs, natural predators to stay.
  • Simple to use and maintenance free.
  • Tie into trees and plants with wires provided.

How to use: From the middle of May attach to trees and plants.