Trichogramma Brassicae - Caterpillar Control

Trichogramma are the most widely used parasitoid in the world and are routinely used to control moths in forests all over China, Russia, and North America. These tiny wasps are less than 1mm in length, and survive only by laying their eggs within the eggs of moths and butterflies, killing the caterpillars and using up their food.

In the past we have supplied Trichogramma brassicae as eggs on cards (very like encarsia) and if you hang out the cards in a warm light spot the Trichogramma will hatch out and go seeking suitable food.  Trichogramma is best used early season, because it affects the eggs, and has no effect on existing caterpillars or adults.

Why can't I find Trichogramma on your website?

Unfortunately this species of parasitic wasp has had it's licence suspended in the UK so we are unable to supply it at present.  Please make sure you are signed up to our email newsletter (enter your email address at the bottom of this page) to be updated as and when it becomes available.

What can I use instead of Trichogramma?

You may be able to use our multi target Nematodes, have a look at the product information, click here.