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Nematop Vine Weevil

Nematop Vine Weevil Trap

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Trap adult Vine Weevil - These brilliant traps are simple wooden tiles with grooves cut in the underside filled with nematodes.

We are so pleased to be able to offer these traps, Vine Weevil plague so many of our customers and, up til now, we have only be able to offer nematodes for the young larval stage see those here.

Two weeks after putting the traps down you could see a 80 -100% reduction in Vine Weevil! 

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These brilliant traps are simple wooden tiles with grooves cut in the underside.  The grooves are filled with nematodes contained in a gel.  As they are nocturnal creatures the adult beetles hide under the tiles during the day and are infected by the nematodes.


1 trap is sufficient for 10 square metres or 5 metres of hedge.  If using on a large potted plant place the tile on the soil surface.  Tiles are active for 6 weeks.

May to September when the adult Vine Weevil population is high. Temperatures should be above 12°C

Remove from packaging and place grooves down on to the soil. If the gel has come away from the grooves spray it gently with water so it swells and fills the grooves again. Try to avoid placing on dry soil, try and lay in the shade of leaves. Keep moist, rain or watering should do.