Fungus Gnat treatment bundle (includes free First Class shipping)-Sciarid
Fungus Gnat treatment bundle (includes free First Class shipping)-Sciarid

Fungus Gnat treatment bundle (includes free First Class shipping)

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Save your houseplants and seedlings from Sciarid fly/Fungus gnats and larvae damage with our best selling solution. (Steinernema Feltiae/Carpocapsae mix).

The adult sciarid flies live on and around the compost surface of pots, more commonly indoors rather than outside. The flies themselves are an unsightly nuisance but most of the damage is caused actually by their young. The small white larvae live in the compost and feed on the tender roots of plants and cuttings. They will also come to the surface to feed. 

You need to control both the adults and the larvae or you will not break the cycle.

For the adults use the new eco yellow sticky traps, you get 5 (12cm x 5cm) traps.

For the larvae nematodes are watered onto deal with the larvae underground. Parasitic nematodes seek out suitable hosts by swimming in the thin film of water on soil particles, locating hosts by detecting carbon dioxide and other waste products.

Once they find a host, they enter the body cavity through the breathing or feeding systems, and release bacteria (Xenorhabdus). The bacteria kills the host within hours, and the nematodes grow and reproduce within the 'broth', which they produce. The next generation of infective juveniles leaves the dead host, and moves in search of fresh hosts.

A second treatment of nematodes may be required depending on the level of infestation and the life cycle stage of the pest.

How much do I need?
When to use
How to use and store

The pack size is 60 square metres. Don't forget to treat all plants and any any open compost.

Apply only when the pest is present and the growing material is above 10°C

Follow the instructions on the pack carefully, You will need a measuring jug, a large bowl or bucket and a watering can or spray bottle.  You can make the solution more concentrate if you don't need the mixture to treat 60 SQM of compost.

Important information 

Don't forget that these are live creatures, and cannot be stored - you can keep them in the fridge for a week or so, up until the use by date on the packet, but after that the nematodes will slowly die off.

Q - I have been keeping the compost quite dry to try and get rid of the gnats, will this be ok for the nematodes? 

A- No, the compost will need to be kept moist as the nematodes are swimming creatures and will perish if they dry out.  If you were to squeeze the pot 1 or 2 drops of water would come out, so not waterlogged but not dry.


Q - I only have 1 or 2 houseplants, how do I use it?

A - Once you have mixed up the solution you can apply with a watering can or spray.  If you are treating just a few plants then you will have lots leftover.  Use it on any other plants inside and any spare growing material you may have stored.  Remaining mixture should then be poured away or emptied outside.  Do not store any mixture and do not attempt to split the pack, you must use it as per the instructions.


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