Leatherjacket Nematodes-Leatherjacket
Leatherjacket Nematodes-Leatherjacket
Leatherjacket Nematodes-Leatherjacket

Leatherjacket Nematodes

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Save your lawn from damage with these beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae).  Best used against leatherjackets in the later summer, soil must be above 10°C for application.

Sold in 2 sizes.  Orders placed by 10am Monday will be despatched later in the week.

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These nematodes are watered into affected areas and kill off the leatherjackets underground. 

Leatherjackets used to mainly be a problem in lawns/turf but can now be found in potted plants eating away at roots.

Damage to lawns results in brown tufty patches, resembling Chafer damage, looking its worst in March/April. 

Most people are familiar with Crane flies or "Daddy Long Legs" - an insect that flies around on warm Autumn nights. It is often attracted into houses by the warmth and light, and can be seen dancing around lampshades or making shadows on walls. The larvae of the crane fly is a grey-brown cigar-shaped grub called a "leatherjacket". These grubs hatch out under the grass in late August/September. They overwinter there until they stop feeding in mid-May to pupate, emerging as the leggy adults we know in August. 

Often lawn damage is made worse by the badgers, foxes, magpies, and other birds which dig up the turf looking for a tasty meal.

100 square metre pack - The pack fills 10 watering cans of 5 litres and treats up to 100m2 (120 sq yards). Also easily applied with a hose applicator (instructions contained in the pack).

Apply late August to October (when soil temperature is above 10 °C) or 2 weeks after you see crane flies (daddy longlegs). Cut grass prior to application. Avoid applications in bright sunlight. Apply in the evening or in dull conditions. Ideally apply during rainfall.

Upon receipt, use immediately or store in a refrigerator (do not freeze). Do not use product beyond Use By Date. Use the entire packet at one time, do not store stock solution.

Dissolve the entire contents of the pack in a bucket containing 10 litres of water to create a stock solution.  Stir vigorously and immediately take 0.5 litres of the stock solution, add to a 5 litre watering can fitted with a very coarse rose and fill with water.  Apply the solution to a twentieth of the soil area to be treated.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the whole area is treated.  Water the treated area after application.

Soil must be moist before and for at least 2 weeks after application.  Infected leatherjackets stop feeding and die within 2 – 4 weeks.