Big Plant Pest Infestations - should you buy double quantity of predators?

Simple answer…no.

For a serious infestation you are better introducing 1 batch of predators and then introducing another 2 weeks later. Several introductions of predators is better than one big blast in most cases.

Battling an infestation?   Here are some examples of predator application rates;

  • Ladybirds and lacewings: 10 larvae/adults per metre square
  • Thrips and Spider Mite sachets: 1 sachet per metre square or 1 per plant
  • Whitefly predatory wasps: 1 card per metre square or plant

All the application rates are on the product pages.

If you have spotted a pest problem and are ordering predators it's a good idea to try and reduce pest numbers before your good bugs arrive.  Use Horticultural Soap or SB Plant Invigorator and if you don't have either wash them off with water!