Will nematodes work on snails?

It's a question I get asked a lot, in most people gardens slugs and snails go hand in hand and team up nicely to chomp on anything and everything.

Nemaslug nematodes work brilliantly to drastically reduce slug numbers, they are applied to the soil and go to work killing slugs.  And that's the thing, they are in the soil.  Snails with their big old house on their back stay on the surface BUT slugs and snails will avoid areas that have been treated with Nemaslug.  The nematodes for slugs are still a natural predator of snails so the snails will avoid them.

So if you have plants that you want to protect from slug and snails then Nemaslug nematodes are a great solution.  You may still have snails in your garden but they will avoid the areas that you have treated.

Alternatively, we have another couple of options in our Slug and Snail Collection.

snail nematodes
These snails are demonstrating how much they dislike the nematodes applied to the border below this hedge!