Why you should worry about vine weevil

Vine weevil grubs do some serious damage below ground

The larvae are grubs which feast on plant roots, often completely severing them from the upper stems. You may not notice you have vine weevil until the plant keels over.

They have a soft creamy-white body, up to 1.5 cm long and brown heads. They often lie in a sort of "C" shape.  The damage caused by the adults is unsightly, but the grubs can cause the plant to die.

When to treat vine weevil

If you get the larvae under control early in the season then the adults shouldn't bother you too much (and won't lay so many eggs).  You can use nematodes that target vine weevil grubs from when the soil reaches 5°C.  A treatment early and late in the season is essential but it is advisable to treat around every 6 weeks.

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