Why timing is everything when it comes to plant pest control

There's probably nothing more important than timing when it comes to being successful at ridding your plants and crops of pests.  In no particular order, here's why;

  1. Catching pests early means getting rid of them more easily
  2. Knowing when different pests are present throughout the year allows you to be vigilant
  3. Prevention is always better than cure so introduce preventative treatments as soon as the temperature allows
  4. Keep a note of when and on what you saw a pest, this will help you to prevent an outbreak next season
  5. Don't leave it too long between checks, some pests are very adept at hiding so check in nooks and crannies often
  6. Nematode applications work better (or are less time consuming) on wet days
  7. Some natural predators need warmth and light to be most effective, they should only be used in these conditions which may mean using a different control until spring
  8. Many pests are most devastating when plants are young, up your pest checks in sowing and growing seasons
  9. Some pests, particularly lawn pests can only be treated in the late summer/autumn, if you have a problem in the spring its the following autumn that your need to water in the nematodes
  10. Act fast, order your biological control or contact us for advice asap and while you are waiting for the predators to arrive remove as many pests as possible by hand, through damping down or with Soft Soap 

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