What plants do vine weevil eat?

Vine Weevil can be a very destructive pest, the adults eat away at plant leaves and their young can eat whole root systems but what are the plants that they tend to go for?

Are vine weevil a pot plant pest?

Vine weevil can often be though of as a container pest as they seem to prefer plants in pots and containers.  Indeed you can often find them between a pot and container or under containers during the day (they are nocturnal).

What plants do vine weevil prefer?

Strawberries and Primulas along with begonia, heucheras and primula are firm favourites along with rhododendron, cyclamen and hydrangeas.

They really aren't fussy but do prefer plants that have succulent leaves and stems.

Do vine weevil eat houseplants?

Yes, if they find their way indoors then they will eat houseplants.

Plants that Vine Weevil dislike
Vine weevil tend to avoid plants with furry leaves and those that are fragrant like mint, lavender etc.