Something eating or damaging your plant's leaves? Lets see what it could be...

Seeing leaf damage?

Let's have a look at what could be causing it. 


If it's slugs or snails trails are a giveaway

Whether its small holes or large scale devastation you can tell its one of these slimy critters if you see a silvery slime trail.  

Thrips damage

Thrips cause leaf, fruit and flower damage

First you'll see the leaf surface turning a silver colour spotted with black spots indicating cell death.  Flowers may seem deformed with brown petals that may have ragged edges.

Help with aphids

Weak sticky plants from an aphid infestation

Aphids suck the sap out of the leaves and stems of the host plants, weakening them and causing distortion to emerging flowers and leaves. Aphids make plants sticky and attract ants.

Vine Weevil help

Plant leaves resembling jigsaw pieces?

Vine weevil could be said to be making jigsaws out of leaves, they eat notches from the edge of the leaf, their damage doesn't weaken the plant but their larvae can kill plants easily.

Red Spider Mite Damage

Red Spider Mite spreads quickly.

Leaf mottling is the first sign of this pest, the pattern differs from plant to plant.  The next stage is leaf loss and webbing.  Act fast to control it and stop them coming back.

Caterpillar Damage

Huge swathes of plant material eaten away

Caterpillars eat and eat and eat!  You may at first see leaves that haven't opened and are webbed shut, open them and clear off the eggs before these very hungry creatures hatch.

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