Lots of good bugs to help you with an aphid invasion

Aphids are an incredibly fast spreading and damaging pest

This year looks to be even worse than last, with lots of customers seeing them earlier and in bigger numbers than ever before.  The breed very very fast, aphids are born pregnant and can then produce up to 4 young per day.  They are sap suckers that feed on plant material and cause other problems like sooty mould and diseases.

Your first line of defence

It is a very good idea to have a bottle of Horticultural Soap in your cupboard.  As soon as you see aphids advancing give them a really good douse, keep this up daily while you decide which biologicals to use.

Aphid predators

Predators are beasts that eat aphids, the ones we supply are ladybirds (adults and larvae), lacewing larvae and aphid midge.  Which you choose can really come down to personal preference and budge, they will all do the job.  See the individual products for the temperature ranges that the predators prefer.

Aphid parasites

Parasitic wasps use aphids to reproduce, they lay an egg inside the aphid turning into a nursery for their young.  There are 2 main types of wasp; Colemani which prey on elliptical bodies aphids and Ervi that go for round bodied.  If you are not sure which you have you may be able to tell by the host plant or we sell a product with a mix of the two.

If you still can't decide what to do just email

Find out more about the different biological controls for aphids here