Good garden hygiene to beat the pests

Garden Hygiene Blog

Did you suffer a pest infestation this year?  If the answer is yes then there are things you can do now to help prevent this happening gain.  This post covers good hygiene.

Deep clean now to reduce pest numbers throughout the year, it's really important to make sure you are not allowing pests to overwinter and cause you problems in when it warms up...

Clean and Tidy
  • Clean up old crops and dead foliage, rotten plant matter is where pests and diseases thrive
  • Empty and clean pots that aren't in use anymore
  • Lift or move all pots to uncover slugs
  • Wash greenhouse glass (or polytunnel plastic) to allow winter light in and to remove any lingering pests
  • Give your glasshouse a really thorough sweep out and clean.  For some great advice from the RHS click here
  • Crevices, ledges, grooves, joins, nooks and crannies.  These are your nemesis, get a suitable tool and some warm soap water and go to work.  This is where the pests are biding their time ready to attack!

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