Are you ready to protect your garden this Spring?

Temperatures are on the rise...

There are a handful of plant pests that it's a good idea to get ahead of right now, especially if you've had a problem in previous seasons.  With some live controls working from 5°C you can stop a few major pests before they have a chance to get going.

Below is a quick rundown of the controls you can use early in the season, not sure of your soil temperature?  Check it out here.


Slugs and Vine Weevil

The nematodes that control slugs and vine weevil can be applied as soon as the soil reaches 5°C

Both of these pests will be active soon. 

The slugs will be growing in numbers and the vine weevil grubs will be starting to feed so it is a good idea to get an application down asap.  These products can be used on the same areas, they will not interact with each other as they are pest specific.



Red Spider Mite

If you have had red spider mite before you will know that it takes hold really quickly in warm weather.  This is because the pest is often already there.  They overwinter and come out of 'hibernation' when temperatures reach 10°C. 

Luckily our brilliant slow release sachets containing Amblyseius Andersoni are active from 6°C so you can head them off at the pass. 

These sachets are also great for Fuchsia Gall Mites.




Inside, and even outside in the snow!  Aphids are coming out of their overwintering state.

Aphids multiply extremely quickly, wash the plants down either with Horticultural Soap or even plain water to try and get them under control as soon as you see them.

There are a couple of aphid predators that are active at lower temperatures, ladybirds from 12°C and lacewings from 15°C.

Check out all the early spring controls here