What to do to avoid plant pest infestations - 6 easy to follow tips

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce the likelihood of your plants suffering a pest infestation, here's the key ones.

  1. Try and buy plants that have been grown in the UK (or wherever you live), ideally as locally as possible.  If they come from far afield then they are more likely to have picked something up on the way to you. 
  2. Examine and quarantine new plants.  Most pest problems in established collections are bought in on a new plant. 
  3. Much as it’s tempting to be a plant saver, or to save a few pennies, the plants on the bargain shelf are likely to be sickly and therefore vulnerable to pests.  Is it worth risking the health of your other plants?
  4. Is the plant in the right place?  If you are forcing a plant to live in a position that’s not right for it then it won’t be as healthy and therefore will be more vulnerable. 
  5. Do you have a selection of plants that are susceptible to certain pests?  Are they grouped together?  If they are you are making it easier for the pests to multiply.  
  6. And finally, check and clean plants regularly.  Don't let your plants become a haven for pests!

Tackling a particular pest problem?  Check out the handy guides in the 'What Pest?' menu.

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