What is Horticultural Soap & how does it work

Inside or in the garden, sprayed on or as a dip, horticultural soap is a great allrounder for reducing pest numbers on houseplants, flowers, veggies and more.
The word insecticide sound chemically right? Well not always. Ladybird Plantcare Soap has no nasty chemicals making it a safe choice for indoors, around pets, kids and other wildlife.
It's made from natural oils and kills pests on contact by gumming them up. You have complete control over what you are reducing the population of with this spray as it doesn't leave any residue.
If you're spraying aphids or spider mites you are not risking the lives of bees, ladybirds or any other beneficial insects. And if you're looking to introduce live predators to finish the job off you can do almost straight away.
250ml of concentrate is £9.95 with free postage. It makes up 25 litres of spray, fab to have around when you spot something munching!  Buy Now

The Technical Bit

Instructions for use

The pure liquid soap can be applied with a sponge or with a simple bottle spray.   The dilution rate is 1:100.  So the 250ml bottle will go a long way - think a teaspoon in a 500ml measuring jug!

If the infection is limited to a few plants you can carefully wash each leaf with dilute soap. For larger infections use a dilute spray of this pure soap to get into shoots and flowers. However keep the solution very dilute to avoid cell damage. 

There are certain plants which can be damaged by Soft Soap - these include Fuchsia, ferns and bedding plants in bloom. Test a one or two leaves first if you are in doubt. 

Information on ingredients

POTASSIUM SOAP OF TALL TREE FATTY ACID - CAS No. 61790-44-1 Synonyms SOFT SOAP; POTASSIUM SALTS OF NATURAL FATTY ACIDS No significant hazard. May be irritating on prolonged contact with skin. Remove contaminated clothing. May cause transient corneal irritation. Rinse immediately with copious quantities of warm water for 15 minutes. Unlikely to be harmful by ingestion. Wash out mouth and drink a cup of warm water. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Seek medical attention if irritation or symptoms persist.