How not to kill your citrus plant, 4 easy to follow tips

Citrus Plant Care Guide

Have you ever been gifted a citrus tree (or bought yourself one), only for it to look sadder and sadder and die?  We have teamed up with Citrus specialist Plants4Presents to give you this easy to follow guide.

1.  Citrus plants need lots of light

They need to be near a bright sunny window (out of any draughts)

2.  They need plenty of water (but not too much)

If they are thirsty the leave will drop and they will be dry and crispy.  If they have had too much water the leaves may become leathery.  Water thoroughly but let any excess water drain away.

3.  Feed them!

Citrus plants need feeding, if they are lacking in nutrients then they may struggle to produce new growth and it may be pale or mottled.  Use a specialist feed, found here.

4.  Watch out for pests.  Citrus plants can attract pests, the most common are aphids, scale and red spider mite.  If you are not sure what you are dealing with just get in touch here.

So do you think you have what it takes to home a healthy a citrus plant?  Have a browse of Plants4Presents amazing range!