Organic Control for Garden Pests
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defend your precious plants

Need to protect your garden from pests? Why not beat them with their natural predators?

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Want to protect your precious young plants?

Nematodes are the most effective way of controlling soft-bodied soil pests like slugs and grubs. Now is the time to act and stop them in their tracks. Don't worry about the occasional cold night - as long as there is some warmth in the day then they can do the job.
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Bare patches in your lawn?

If you see birds and animals digging for grubs in your lawn it could be young leatherjackets and chafer grub, which start to be active in warm weather. They too can be tackled with nematodes, but it's important to get the timing right...
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We use organic controls ourselves and we are always happy to help with any queries. Whether you need help on identifying the problem or want advice on applying treatments please do give us a call.