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A set of 6 (3 small and 3 large) handmade copper Slug Rings.

Slug Rings are solid copper rings that are placed around individual plants to keep slugs and snails out. These pests detest crawling on copper, so Slug Rings make a very effective barrier.

Slug Rings are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They can be used over and over again, season after season. They come in two sizes: small (approximately 4 inch/10cm diameter) for single stem plants and seedlings, and large (approximately 7 inch/17cm diameter) for plants like hostas, delphiniums, lettuces and lupins. They’re super easy to fit, and you can make larger rings for plants like hostas by joining two together.

Slug Rings were invented twenty years ago for personal use. They protected plants so successfully that in 2002 manufacturing began, and since then hundreds of thousands of rings have been sold to happy gardeners around the world.

What the set includes;

  • Set of 3 small nesting rings and 3 large nesting rings.
  • Handmade from copper.
  • Rigid shape due to formed edges.
  • Can be opened up to aid fitting or to combine with others to create larger ring due to clever tongue closure design. 
  • Small: Height 5cm, diameter 10cm.
  • Large: Height 5cm, diameter 17cm.