The Winter fertiliser should be added to the water either weekly (if you are needing to water every week), or whenever you water (if less than weekly). Use the Winter Formulation between November and March.

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Citrus trees work hard to produce flowers and then grow the fruit, as well as keeping the foliage green and growing. If short of essential minerals they may abort their fruits or concentrate on growing the fruits at the expense of the leaves. To help them stay healthy, they need regular feeding with a finely-tuned fertiliser which will give them the nutrients they need to perform all these tasks. Light green or yellow leaves on the new growth is a sign of lack of nutrients.

This food has been formulated specially for us to provide just the minerals the citrus family need. We recommend feeding weekly - by dissolving these crystals in the watering can. 1 tub of 150gm is enough for 1 tree for 2 seasons for a large pot, 4 seasons for a small pot. Dilution rate is a very small scoop (1g) to 1 litre.