A deep clean now to reduce pest numbers throughout the year

As the season comes to an end outside it's really important to make sure you are not allowing pests to overwinter and cause you problems in the Spring.  Here are a few things you can do to help you stay pest free both inside and out.

Greenhouses and outside
  • Remove leaves from lawns and paths, maybe creating leaf pile homes for wildlife
  • Clean up old crops and dead foliage, rotten plant matter is where pests and diseases thrive
  • Empty and clean pots that aren't in use anymore
  • Lift or move all pots to uncover slugs
  • Wash greenhouse glass (or polytunnel plastic) to allow winter light into the remaining plants and to remove any lingering pests
  • Check plants that have suffered from pests over the warmer months, thoroughly clean the area and wash the plants (see below)
  • Finally, if your soil temperature is still above 6°C then you can still be treating with nematodes to avoid a spring invasion!
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Especially important for plants you have brought inside for the colder months
  • Thoroughly check the plant for signs of pests, under leaves, at joins and under the rims of pots are common places to spot pests or their eggs
  • Start regularly cleaning indoor plants with either soft soap or SB Plant Invigorator, bigger plants can be misted and small plants can be dunked to cut down on the time it takes
  • Consider sticky traps to give you an indication of any pests that might be lurking
  • For plants that consistently suffer from Thrips, Spider Mite or Whitefly you can use products that offer slow release control
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