Popular Products April 2021

Here's what other plant enthusiasts have been buying to help control plant pests in their homes and gardens this month

Ladybird on rose

1. Ladybirds - to control aphid infestations, the babies are more popular than the adults as they are very hungry and are flightless so they stay on the plants for longer SHOP NOW


2. Lacewing larvae - the are often referred to as the 'aphid lion' due to their capacity for eating aphids. They will also munch away on other common pests  SHOP NOW⁠

Vine Weevils

3. Vine Weevil nematodes - people are starting to see damage to roots and, in some warmer parts, notches in leaves made by the adults SHOP NOW

4. Whitefly Controls - Whitefly eggs can be found on the underside of tomatoes and other edibles in the greenhouse or polytunnels in particular where it's a bit warmer.  When disturbed, the adults fly in ghostly clouds.  SHOP NOW

5. Fungus Gnat nematodes - Fungus Gants (Sciarid Flies) are a huge problem at home in houseplants and seedlings both on windowsills and in the greenhouse. They are not just annoying flies, their young will destroy the roots of your plants SHOP NOW

6. Wireworm nematodes - Wireworms can spoil potato crops and you won't know about it until you harvest the crop SHOP NOW

If you have pest you are having trouble identifying or aren't sure of the best treatment just get in touch via the Contact Us page