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Weather Report

Weather Report April 2018

We can't wait for the sun to shine here in Sussex, it's been a grey and wet April so far but at least the mercury is rising a little! Despite the rain things are getting underway for gardeners and allotmenteers alike, with lots of sowing and planting out to do ready for the season ahead. Unfortunately with the rain come the slugs! Slugs love to munch on the tender leaves of seedlings and can cause havoc in the garden. Attacking the pests now, before they establish in larger numbers, will save time and money in the long run!

The soil temperature here is hovering around 10degreesC, making it suitable for the application of nematodes. Most nematodes need 6 degrees or above to be effective. If you had problems last year with pests such as vine weevil, leatherjackets, slugs or other soft bodied soil pests, then nematodes can be applied when the soil temperature is suitable where you are.If you don't have a soil thermometer then you can purchase one on our website - or you can keep an eye on your grass. A good rule of thumb is that when the grass begins to grow then it's warm enough to be using nematodes.

Why we have this page

One of the things that makes gardening in the UK so interesting is that the weather is so variable from year to year. The weather affects the order that plants come out, and it can cause great disruption when we have extreme conditions such as frosts, floods, or drought. Weather conditions are also crucial to plant pests, and every year we are faced with different problems. So we thought we'd comment on the weather we've been seeing at our nursery and what effect it has had on the common plant pests.

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