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Pheromone Traps

It's important to monitor when pest moths first start emerging to mate so you can start treating at the right time to give the best results.

Pheromone traps can also offer some control early in the season by disrupting the breeding cycle.

These weatherproof traps are designed to last a number of years. You can insert sticky sides and then bait the trap with a scent that is specific to your particular pest.

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Pheronomes are the natural "sex hormone" for insects. Generally speaking they lure the male moths into the trap because they think they can smell females. By putting out fresh pheromone in the traps at the very start of the mating season, usually Spring, you can slow down reproduction, which will mean much less caterpillars attacking your plants. Each pheronome is specific to a particular pest, and we can offer specific lures for four of the worse culprits - Citrus leaf miner, Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner, Codling moth and Plum Moth. Each pheromone lure lasts around 6 weeks.

Traps and Refills - Two year pack

We offer one sturdy delta trap with three sticky inserts and two pheronome lures. Our traps are made from recycled plastic, and are more long lasting than cardboard traps. We supply enough inserts and lures for two years, and if you need more refills you can keep the trap and just buy more refills.
When to use them...

Codling Moth Pack:
Long-lasting Outdoor trap with refills -
£25.95 inc P&P

Plum Moth Pack:
Long-lasting Outdoor trap with refills -
£25.95 inc P&P

Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner Pack:
Long-lasting Outdoor trap with refills
24.95 inc P&P

Citrus Leaf Miner Pack:
Long-lasting trap with refills
24.95 inc P&P