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Leaf Miner

There are a number of different pests that drive "mines" through the middle of leaves, eating as they go, and leaving tracks of dead cells behind them. They don't do a lot of damage to the plant, but they make them look unsightly. Some are moth caterpillars, some are beetles, some are flies
The most common leafminers are tiny flies called "Lyriomyza" . They are difficult to tell apart, but are all about 2mm long, and the females have an obvious yellow spot on their back.
They lay their eggs on leaves, piercing the surface to make a cradle for their young. The larvae crawl through the leaves eating as they go. They leave strange white trails where the cells are missing.

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We offer a biological control for the Leaf Miner Fly Diglyphus isaea it is relatively expensive so we would suggest that gardeners use these only when there is no other option.

Remember leaf mining can be caused by other pests other than the leafminer flies - for example the horse chestnut leafminer (see photo on right below) is caused by a moth for which as yet there is no known predator, only traps

Leafminer parasite - Diglyphus isaea

Diglyphus isaea The parasite for control in high summer when the temperatures are above 30 degrees

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