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Garlic Wash - for keeping pests at bay

Garlic preparations have been used for years by commercial growers for deterring plant pests - they are even used in the propagation area at Kew Gardens for keeping aphids away. When extracted to maximise the sulphur content and combined with other plant extracts a garlic spray will stimulate growth and improve resistance to insect pests and fungal diseases, as well as driving away any insects which are repelled by the smell of garlic.

Use garlic spray on any crop - it will not taint vegetables or fruit, and will not leave unpleasant residues. It has a three-way action:
Acts as a bio-stimulant - strengthening the plant
Acts as a disenfectant - killing bacteria and fungi
Acts as a deterrent - driving insects away
Garlic Wonder is recommended for deterring ants and wireworms and also has been reported to reduce aphids, blackfly, carrotfly, red spider mite, scale insects, thrips and whitefly.

Unfortunately we are not able to supply this product any more. We would recommend SB Plant Invigorator or HorticulturaL Soft Soap as an alternative