Organic Control for Garden Pests
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defend your precious plants

Need to protect your garden from pests? Why not beat them with their natural predators?

Use this online shop to buy organic controls for your garden.

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Making your sowing plans?

If you are troubled by sciarid fly on your indoor sowing benches, then do start treating early before they lay their eggs, and the larvae start to chew up your seedlings... More about sciarid fly

This year we are offering a small pack of nematodes for tackling sciarid fly larvae for only Nematodes for sciarid fly

Can you apply nematodes in winter?

If you need to introduce nematodes outside please wait till the Spring. They will be effective when the average temperatures start to creep into double figures. More on nematodes in general

We use organic controls ourselves and we are always happy to help with any queries. Whether you need help on identifying the problem or want advice on applying treatments please do give us a call.