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Ants in your Garden

Ants do not normally eat live green plants directly, but they can be a bit of a nuisance.

Most people who are looking to drive ants from the garden are bothered by anthills in the lawn or in walls or crevices. Their constant nest-building and burrowing can damage plant roots and leave messy spoils of earth.

Ants are also a problem when they 'farm' aphids populations.

We offer an effective nematode treatment to get rid of ants in your garden.

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Ants and Aphids

Ants like to follow aphids around because they can use the sugary sap that the aphids leave behind when feeding on plants. Ants are believed to "help" and "farm" populations of aphids and to defend them against predators. So if you see ants on your plants, you may be better treating for aphids rather than ants

Nematodes to deter Ants

We offer a pack of nematodes which will deter ants. Unlike some of our other nematode treatments this does not kill the ants, it just drives them out of their nests and makes them go elsewhere. We have a standard pack suitable for about 16 nests, and a larger pack for about 50 nests.
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No Ants Pack
16 ants nest treatment
£13.95 inc P&P

No Ants Pack
50 ants nest treatment
£25.95 inc P&P