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Soil Probe Thermometers

The temperature of the soil is very important for plant growth. The suns rays warm the soil, and the plants use that warmth to drive the chemical reactions that keep them alive and drive the cells to multiply. In fact in spring the average soil temperature will be even more important than the average air temperature, as a trigger for growth. A good rule of thumb is that grass will not grow unless their roots are above 6 degrees.

Soil temperature also influences which soil pests are around and active - when the soil is very hot or very cold then grubs such as leatherjackets and vine weevil tend to bury themselves deep and not feed too much.

Finally soil temperature also influences the activity of the predators and parasites we use to control pests. Nematodes, for example, are inactive below 5 degrees, and most effective at 10 degrees and above.

For all these reasons a good soil thermometer is an essential part of soil monitoring. Our probe thermometer is the tool the professionals use. It has a strong metal probe which allows the heat from the soil to contact the thermometer bulb effectively.

Soil Thermometer

This is a sturdy thermometer that is easy to read. Just plunge it into the compost and you will get a reading in about a minute

15.95 each inc P&P