Organic Controls for Garden Pests
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Yellow sticky cards that attract and kill flying pests including winged aphids , Whitefly, Thrips sciarid fly , LeafMiner, psyllids, shore flies. The traps use no poisons and will work continuously for 6-8 weeks, reducing the need for sprays and providing a visible monitor of what is about.

We recommend them to reduce populations early in the spring before biological controls can be introduced. However remember not to put them in the way of predators like flying ladybirds, lacewings, and parasitic wasps, or you will be catching the "good guys"
Blue traps are better than yellow for attracting thrips.

Sticky Traps

One pack of five cards will usually be sufficient for a garden greenhouse. If you require BLUE please put this in special instructions.
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5 cards 
7.95 inc P&P