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Phytoseiulus persimilis

Phytoseiulus is the number one method for controlling glasshouse red spider mite, and is widely used by both amateur gardeners and commercial growers.

They are tiny predatory beneficial mites, shiny orange and relatively fast moving. They feed on the eggs, young, and adults of the "Two Spotted mite" or Glasshouse Spider mite, giving excellent control. They are very, very small, about the same size as their prey and you won't be able to identify them properly without a microscope

There are other types of spider mite, for example the citrus spider mite, which Phytoseiulus isn't as effective at treating. It's therefore important to know what type of spider mite you have. Amblyseius Andersoni can be used in these situations.

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When to use them

This predator is effective at a wide temperature range above 14C and can be used outdoors as well. The adults and young stages feed voraciously on adults and eggs of the two spotted spider-mite and populations of Phytoseiulus increase dramatically at 20C - although over 30C they don't breed so fast and are not so effective.

Spider mites go into a form of hibernation ("diapause") when the day lengths are shorter and then emerge again in the spring, so it is important not to be get caught unawares early in the growing season. We do recommend that if you have a problem with spider mite every year it may be a good idea to put out a preventative treatment early on before the spider mite appear. Click here for more about preventative Spider mite treatments

In the early summer it is a good idea to inspect vulnerable plants every week and deal with the first signs of mite infestation immediately. Where possible, remove infested leaves, buds and stems because this will initially reduce numbers. Spider mites prefer dry environments, so spraying the infested areas of a plant with water and damping the greenhouse floor areas will raise the humidity and hopefully slow the infestation rate.

Phytoseiulus are very effective and in the right conditions can achieve a complete clean up in several weeks. For severe outbreaks best results are achieved when following up the initial treatment with a second introduction two weeks later. If you want to order two treatments at once you can split the delivery dates on the order form by clicking the button that says "Separate delivery dates"

Phytoseiulus persimilis in tubes

Phytoseiulus are supplied in plastic tubes with vermiculite granules. As a rough guide the small tube will do a few plants or one hotspot, and a larger tube should be used for a bigger area.
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Tube of 2000 Phytoseiulus
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