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We are always listening to our customers and looking out for new products that will help you defend your garden by boosting the population of natural predators. This year we have introduced more options in our range of mites available for tackling thrips, spider mite and begonia mite. In particular we are recommending Amblyseius Californicus, which should be introduced early in the season as a preventative measure. It will survive on a wide range of food, including pollen, so you don't need to wait for a pest outbreak before putting up the sachets.

We have had many enquiries about what can be done for codling moths and plum moths

This year we are offering some long-lasting traps baited with pheronomes. They are used commercially in fruit orchards and each pheronome targets a specific pest. The scent is designed to mimic females, and it will trap the male moths and keep them from reproducing. Click here for more about pheronome traps

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