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Using Nematodes to repel Ants

Nematodes do not actually kill ants, but they have a deterrent effect, in that ants will choose to move away if you drench the ground with certain nematodes. This Nemasys product called "No Ants!" is a sealed pack of nematodes. Just mix with water and sprinkle onto the offending nests. Like all our nematode packs it should be ordered fresh, and not stored after it is open. If you have to keep it a few days before using it then just pop it in the fridge.

Nematodes to deter Ants - Steinernema feltiae

We offer a pack of nematodes which will deter ants. Unlike other nematode treatments this does not kill the ants, it just drives them out of their nests and makes them go elsewhere. We have a standard pack suitable for about 16 nests, and a larger pack for about 50 nests.

No Ants Pack
enough for 16 ants nests
13.95 inc P&P

No Ants Pack
enough for 50 ants nests
20.95 inc P&P