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The common "Mealybug" look like tiny white woodlice. Their pinkish-white body is covered with a type of waterproofing making chemical control difficult. They suck fluids from the plant and they deposit fluffy cotton-wool like egg masses in cracks and crevices on and around the plants. Mealybugs can multiply very quickly in warm weather and make the plant very sickly and unsightly. They occur in conservatories and greenhouses, seldom overwintering outside in the UK.

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Tackling Mealybug

Mealybugs attack the plant by feeding on the sap and weakening it. When they pierce the leaves the sap leaks out, and drops sticky secretions onto the leaves below, which may develop sooty mould in damp weather. Any sooty mould should be wiped off to allow more light to the leaf.

At the very first sign of anything white and fluffy in the crevices of your plants you should act quickly. It is quite possible to wipe off quite a lot using cotton buds and soapy water. Methylated spirits is even better - but take care not to splash it on tender leaves.

The problems come when you find a large plant has been completely invaded. It may not be possible to reach high into every part of the plant, and also you will not be able to spot the juvenile "crawlers" who are spreading the problem. They hatch out under the body of the adult and are microscopically small. You should try and keep the crawlers at bay by spraying the branches with a soap-based insecticide such as SB Plant Invigorator

Biological Control - Cryptolaemus

The best predator to attack mealybug is the brown australian ladybird "Cryptolaemus montrouzieri" We supply these via specialist breeders in Kent to minimise the losses that occur in transit. Standard pack of 10 gives good coverage for an average conservatory where the problem is not severe. The large pack is needed where the infestation is advanced or the area larger.
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Standard Pack 10 insects
18.95 inc P&P

Large pack 25 insects
26.95 inc P&P