Organic Controls for Garden Pests


Our sister company, also based at Fletching Glasshouses in East Sussex. Plants4Presents sends out plants packaged as gifts

Fletching Glasshouses

In our glasshouses we grow organic vegetables which we sell via mail order, and also via local shops and markets.


Royal Horticultural Society

The R H S is the biggest horticultural charity, and offers a very useful professional advice service for its members. There are also a lot of informative pages on this web site... Click here for RHS

BBC Gardeners World

BBC Gardening programs are a great source of advice, and much of the information is now on the web site at..


WWyeBugs is an independent partnership of professional scientists, based in Kent on the Wye Campus of Imperial College London. They supply our scale control and mealybug contro.

Bioline Agrisciences

Bioline are based in Little Clacton and another of our specialist suppliers