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Chrysoperla Carnea

Lacewings, Chrysoperla Carnea, are common flying insects about 12 - 15mm with green bodies and lovely delicate green lacy wings which lie folded on their back when at rest. The adults eat only honey, pollen, and nectar, which they need to reproduce. The larvae, on the other hand, consume aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, leafhopper nymphs, caterpillar eggs, scales, thrips, and whiteflies.

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Introducing Lacewings

Lacewings are best known as a predator of aphids, and fully deserve the nickname "aphid lion" as a single insect can consume 100-600 aphids in its lifetime. Adults hibernate over winter, and breed in the summer. The first larvae to emerge are brown , about 4mm long, with sharp nipping claws at the front (beware!). The older larvae are paler, about 13mm long, with bristles on their back. Lacewings are supplied as juveniles, or larvae depending on the time of year.

Ordering your Lacewings

The Lacewing larvae should be introduced from May onwards, when the pests are present and when the temperature is consistently above 10C although best control is gained at 15-20C. Of course you can introduce them earlier if growing under cover, but don't introduce them if there are no aphids to feed on, or they will eat each other instead! More information...

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